zferral’s customized referral program wants to make you more money.

zferral’s customized referral program wants to make you more money.

To say that we hear about a lot of applications would be a massive understatement.  Sometimes it takes something very unique to catch our attention.  zferral is exactly one of those things.

zferral is an application that will help you to build a referral and affiliate solution.  What makes it stand out from the crowd is that there is no initial cost, and you can scale it as your need grows.

Let’s face it, everybody is looking for ways to maximize profit.  zferral is probably the easiest way that I’ve seen to do this, if you have any sort of product that you’re selling.  What’s even cooler about it is that it’s optimized for software-as-a-service products, so I thought our lovely Apps readers might find it of use.

Let’s take a quick look at the inside, and give you an overview of what you can do with zferral:

  • Custom Branded Panels
  • Easy Campaign Creation
  • Your Own Advertising
  • Commission and Payout Handling
  • Analytics
  • API Integration

Honestly, if you’re going to have a referral program, it needs to look like your own.  Not only will it help with the overall flow of your message, but it keeps people from having to wonder who it is that they’re getting involved with.  zferral’s custom-branded panels are a perfect answer here.

So you set up your panels, you implement your branding, then  you put your panels where you feel that they’ll get the most traffic.  Pretty easy stuff.  Luckily, the full analytics features of zferral will help you to figure out if your placement is good and what’s happening with your ads.

Maybe you’ve never even considered an affiliate program.  Honestly, if you have any sort of product that you’re selling, it’s probably the cheapest form of advertising you’ll find.  Besides, it never hurts to pay back those who have helped you.

The site is in a semi-open beta right now.  You’ll need to head over, check it out and request a beta key.  But for those who can make use of the service, it’s probably well worth the wait.

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