MLB At Bat Tries to Get You Out to the Ballgame

MLB At Bat Tries to Get You Out to the Ballgame

Major League Baseball really wants you to take yourself out to the ballgame, and more importantly, check-in while doing so, by updating its MLB At Bat iPhone app to allow users to check-in at baseball games.

With the updated app, MLB has added Twitter and Facebook integration, chat-room features allowing one to chat with others also at the game and stadium maps.  Highlights from the game you’re attending will be forthcoming through an additional update.

The $14.99 MLB At Bat app is expensive to say the least.  The added features will appeal to die-hard baseball fans, who attend games in person, are Facebook and Twitter users and also enjoy checking in at their respective location.

Presently the “Lite” version of the MLB At Bat app does not appear to have the added check-in features, but if/when they add that to the “Lite” version, which would be a wise move, we’ll update you accordingly.

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