Fail Whale Got You Down? Try This Instead

Fail Whale Got You Down? Try This Instead

Just a few days ago I posted a request to the technology community that we come up with some way to cache Twitter in large blocks so that when Twitter throws us a fail whale or two, we would have individual backups to work from. We need Twitter insurance, if you will.

Little did I know that a startup that we have covered shortly before does just that, and does it well. If you are a regular Apps reader you will recall that Cliqset 2.0 recently launched, and that we liked it. Lost in our review (and I do apologize) was Cliqset’s ability to save and regurgitate tweets for you when then the Twitter master servers go down.

The company put out blog post on the matter:

Fail Whale got you down? Rate limit exceeded? Tweets inaccessible? We know how you feel. Fortunately there’s a solution. It’s time to upgrade your Twitter experience with Cliqset.

By enabling Twitter on your Cliqset account you’ll have access to the entire Twitterverse including all of your friends, followers and everything you love about Twitter. And guess what? When Twitter goes down, you won’t even know about it. Your friends, tweets and conversations keep flowing without a hiccup. How do we do it? Cliqset makes a backup all of your Twitter content, making it instantly accessible any time you need it, even when Twitter can’t.

That should put a smile on your face if you are a serious Twitter user annoyed with the company’s incessant downtime. You can read our past coverage of Cliqset here.

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