PressDoc gets a slick new feature to keep you up to date with press releases.

PressDoc gets a slick new feature to keep you up to date with press releases.

We’ve talked about PressDoc in the past, and the service has taken off as if it has rockets on its back.  It’s a new way to do press releases that are media rich, and targeted at the right people.  Until now, though, it was nigh on impossible to keep track of press releases that were important to you, without continually checking the site.

Bearing that in mind, PressDoc has just added a new feature for email alerts.

All you have to do is head to the PressDoc site, in the email alerts section, and choose your preferences.  You can choose hourly, daily or weekly digests, in 4 different languages, filtered by relevant categories.  Clearly, it’s a great little addition to an already spectacular product.

Oh, but you’ll want to keep your eyes on PressDoc, moving forward.  In the near future, we’re told that there will be a WordPress plugin that will show all relevant PressDocs in Draft format.  So all you’ll have to do is add text, remove text that you don’t want, pick an image and then publish.

In the interest of full disclosure, PressDoc is part of The Next Web Incubator.

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