BuzzVoice lets you listen to your favorite websites. Yes, listen.

BuzzVoice lets you listen to your favorite websites.  Yes, listen.

Every other weekend, I spend 14 hours in the car.  Between 7 hours on Friday and 7 hours on Sunday, that’s a lot of free time.  Often, I’ll fill that time by catching up on podcasts or some other sort of listening, but I really feel like it could still be time better spent.  Clearly, browsing news stories while driving isn’t exactly the best idea, so I needed a better way.

I think I just found my way to spend my time more wisely: BuzzVoice.

BuzzVoice is, in essence, like having your own passenger’s seat narrator for your favorite websites.  You tell it what you like, and BuzzVoice will read the latest content from sites around the Internet.  The app has just updated to version 3.0 for iOS and so it seemed like a perfect time to tell you about it.  Here are the high points:

  • Playlists – 1,600+ sources, narrowed to 20 of your favorites
  • Custom Stream Player – Multitasking to view text or images while listening to stories
  • Hands Free Listening – In other words, your best friend in the car or while working out
  • Saved Searches – Like your own bookmarks list, for topics
  • Trending Topics – What’s hot around the world?  Find out.
  • Batch Select – Lets you have custom playlists of all the stories you want to hear

Of course, I could tell you loads about it, but watching the video is probably the best bet:

There are a couple of BuzzVoice versions. The Lite version, for free, gives you top celebrity news from around the Internet. The full version will cost you $4.99, but gives you the 1,600 sources and full function.  It’s absolutely worth a look, and we expect to hear more about BuzzVoice in the future.

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