Firefox Smashes Through 2 Billion Add-on Downloads Barrier

Firefox Smashes Through 2 Billion Add-on Downloads Barrier

Its been a busy week for Mozilla, first news comes out of IBM that it will be asking every one of its 400,000 employees to make Firefox their default browser.

Then, as of yesterday morning, the company announced it served its two billionth add-on download, doubling the amount of downloads in just over a year and a half. The official number of downloads is counted from the website, not including the hundreds, if not thousands, of third party extensions that are offered for download on third party sites.

Mozilla reckoned it would take them three years to pass this milestone, they managed to do it in half the time. The software company suggests that with over 150 million add-ons in daily use, it won’t be long until the three billionth download is served.

Good job Mozilla, even though Firefox can be really slow, its all about the add-ons – the number one reason it remains my default browser.

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