Planning a group vacation? Travelstormer could be just what you need

Planning a group vacation? Travelstormer could be just what you need

Planning a trip when you’re a group can be a difficult experience. Keeping organised when there are flights to book, hotel rooms to reserve, destinations and daytips to decide on… Either everyone starts arguing or it ends up being left to one person to sort out everything.

Jumping in to attempt to solve this problem is Travelstormer, a new service that launches today.

Members of the travelling group sign up to a joint account for the trip and can then start brainstorming ideas, assign tasks to individual members of the group, organise flight details (including which members of the group are on each flight) and log all plans on a calendar. Additionally, there’s an expenses tracker powered by Expensure and messaging service for group-wide or person-to-person chats.

While it’s already possible to organise group trips online using shared documents on cloud services like Google Docs, a service specifically tailored to the needs of travelling groups is an extremely useful resource that should appeal particularly to the student travel market.

UK-based Travelstormer has been built by entrepreneurs George Coltart and Colin Armstrong in partnership with London agency Harmonypark, who previously developer Twurn; a simple but fun Twitter app we covered last year.

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