Yogile might just become your new favorite photo sharing site.

Yogile might just become your new favorite photo sharing site.

In the world of photo sharing sites and applications, you have a plethora of choices. So in order for something to stand out it really has to have some interesting features.

Fortunately for Yogile, one major feature is enough to set it apart from the crowd.

Yogile is a photo sharing site.  You upload, you share.  That’s pretty much the end of the story.  But it’s the sharing function, and what you can do with it, that’s really special.

Many times I’ve found myself in situations where my friends and I were all taking photos at an event.  While I’m glad to get some great shots myself, it would be amazing to have a gallery where my friends could dump their photos as well.  This is exactly what Yogile does.

Of course you can upload and keep your albums private, or even make them public.  But you can also start an album and allow other people to contribute to it via email or direct upload.  Once you’ve created an album, you’ll get a customizable URL and an email address to share with anyone who would want to add photos.

Instead of having a “group”, where photos are simply linked to it, Yogile’s album method simply makes more sense for group utility.

Yogile Public Albums

Beyond the sharing aspect, Yogile is also just a great photo sharing site.  The UI is extremely clean, and arrow key navigation is a welcome change from clicking.  You can view your galleries in any number of ways, and of course view slide shows of galleries as well.  Hovering over any of your images gives you the option of moving forward or back through your gallery, as well as downloading, deleting or rotating your photo.

My largest gripe, lately, has been the addition of simply too many features on other photo sites.  Yogile’s KISS policy is beautiful, and done very well.

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