Instapaper for the iPhone and iPad gets an update with spiffy new features.

Instapaper for the iPhone and iPad gets an update with spiffy new features.

Instapaper Pro has been an essential iPhone application since the day of its release.  It’s one of those few apps that everyone can find a use for.  When the iPad came out, Instapaper Pro became, if possible, even more essential.  As the popularity has grown, so too has some confusion surrounding the name.

As of the latest version, Instapaper Pro is gone, and is now simply called Instapaper.  Here’s a note from the developer, surrounding the reasons:

  • It’s easier to find, less confusing, and more welcoming to new users who heard of “Instapaper” from somewhere and want to get the app.
  • I don’t want anyone not buying Pro because they think they aren’t serious enough users to need it.
  • It’s shorter and can fit entirely under the icon on the iOS home screen. Since the icon has always said “Instapaper”, it’s better to simply call the app that.

Beyond the name change, the application has gotten some pretty serious upgrades as well.  First, there’s the iOS-specific things, such as swiping left or right to turn pages, as well as improved page turning speed.  Also specific to the iPhone 4 and iOS are update completion if you have Instapaper running in the background, and you have a lovely new logo that’s specific for the Retina Display.

Rotation speed has been improved, and now also does a better job remembering your position when you’re flipping from portrait to landscape modes.  Also, if you start reading on the iPhone, then pick back up on the iPad, Instapaper will remember your position.

There are some other, not-so-obvious changes as well.  You can catch up with those, and get in depth on the Instapaper Blog.  As for the free version?  It’s still there, and has some pretty major changes coming up soon, as well.

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