Cliqset Just Launched Version 2.0 Of Their Tool To ‘Organize The Social Web’

Cliqset Just Launched Version 2.0 Of Their Tool To ‘Organize The Social Web’

Cliqset is a product often overlooked in the world of social connections and communication. But while the industry has been focused on both Twitter and Facebook, Cliqset has had its head down working on improving itself. Today with the launch of the launch of Cliqset 2, they have set a new bar in terms of service integration and content curation.

The company, true to their DNA of playing nice with everyone’s technology, has rolled out the ability to sign on and up to Cliqset with your Google, Twitter, Facebook, or Yahoo account. No one else has so many options.

The core idea of Cliqset has not changed: they want to “create a distributed social ecosystem. One where you no longer need to select a social network based on how many of your friends use it but rather which one is best suited for you.” Cliqset is the point where literally all social services can come to roost, and you can control them however you wish. It is that final area, control, that Cliqset 2 shines.

Over the past several years, especially as Twitter exploded onto the scene and flooded us all with thousands of messages to shift through, curation has become an important activity. How do you find what you need to hear, when you need to hear it, and nothing more? How do you cut the noise? Cliqset has created powerful real-time streams that will pull in content from both the greater Cliqset userbase but also Twitter Search to create a fully up to date view of any topic that you could want to track. You can create as many of these as you wish, it is a terrific way to keep tabs on any brand or topic you find important. This data is both imported by PubSubHubBub, and can be exported by the user with the same system.

Cliqset also now fully supports the ability to follow someone on any service, and see those updates inside of Cliqset; you never have to leave your Cliqset interface to gt the information that you need. Cliqset has also rolled out a UI overhaul which has simplified the user experience, and made the services more attractive.

TNW readers will note that we have been covering Cliqset’s work for some time, even though they have never seemed to explode in popularity like the other companies that we tend to cover on a recurring basis. We cover Cliqset because they consistently use the most advanced technology to allow true social power users to simplify their lives. Their vision clicks with the view that more services will crop up and will need to be dealt with by brand managers and others. In short, we think that they are working in the right direction.

The hard work seems to be finally paying off for Cliqset, as they are finally finding long-term growth. In talks with company CEO Darren Bounds we were informrd that sign-ups are constantly rising, and that momentum is growing. Compete has some pretty encouraging numbers for their last few months:

Cliqset has improved itself once again, refreshing its interface, improving its ability to accept content, manage it, and export it once again: Cliqset is a powerful tool. All the company is waiting for is a few more people to give it a try, they will likely be happy with that they find.

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