Watching your Twitter follow ratio go down the tubes? JustUnfollow.

Watching your Twitter follow ratio go down the tubes?  JustUnfollow.

There are a three distinct groups of people on Twitter:

  • The Followers: High following count, but nobody follows them.
  • The Followed: Everybody seems to follow them, but they don’t care.
  • The Balanced: Those who always shoot for the elusive 1:1 ratio.

To you, The Balanced, I’d like to introduce JustUnfollow.  What is it?  Simply, it’s a 3rd party manager for your Twitter account that will…just unfollow those who aren’t following you.

The concept isn’t exactly new, and there are still other services out there that will allow you to fully manage your Twitter account outside of the website.  However, if all you want to do is attain the magical 1:1, then JustUnfollow is a good choice.

We have to wonder, though, how long it will be until Twitter gets wind of this service and throws an axe as it has in the past.  For now, JustUnfollow is out in the wild and ready for use.

So far, things have been pretty successful for JustUnfollow.  According to some information on the site’s blog, over 2 million Twitter users have been unfollowed since the service opened a few short months ago.  With the ability to dump off 100 balls and chains on a daily basis, JustUnfollow is probably one of the fastest ways to rid yourself of unwanted baggage.

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