eType: Real-time spelling and translation, no matter where you’re typing.

eType: Real-time spelling and translation, no matter where you’re typing.

When you spend a lot of time writing, there comes the point that you’re going to screw up.  Sometimes it’s just a typo, sometimes it’s a moment where you feel like you’re brain dead and simply can’t type another word.  If only you had an on-call editor; someone who could correct things for you, do translation and maybe even complete a word or two.

eType wants to help.

Let’s start with a quick video, and then we’ll talk:

As you can see, eType is like having a word processing program no matter where you are. First and foremost, eType offers suggestions in real time. However, it goes a step further by providing on the fly translation and a thesaurus as well.

eType offers language and translation support as you type. The hope is that having a direct translation in front of you as you’re creating will help you to have more confidence in what you’re writing. It’s this translation feature that brings eType to your attention from us today.

eType has just released support for Dutch and Portugese, and the company would like to offer readers of TNW a chance to use the product. The first 1000 people to head to the eType site will be able to download it for free.

For now, eType supports 8 languages, but plans on adding support for many more by the end of the year. It has full integration with almost any program that you’ll be using, and adds your used words to the “eType dictionary” as you type.

Overall, it’s hugely useful program, and we’d love to hear what you think about it. So head to the site, get your beta download and leave us a comment, eh?

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