Kindle for iPhone and iPad gets audio and video.

Kindle for iPhone and iPad gets audio and video.

If you’re in Amazon’s shoes, watching the competition around you closing in slowly, how do you solidify your position in the e-reader market?  You get with the times.

This is exactly what Amazon has just done with the latest update to its Kindle application for iPhone and iPad.  This newest generation allows for audio and video playback within Kindle books.  You can check out the newest selection at the Kindle Audio/Video store.

Not only is this newest update bringing Kindle users into line with the times, it’s also opening doors for publishers to provide new, fresher content than they had previously been able to on the platform.  It’s an all-around great update for an application that we already know and love.

Clearly, Amazon is not going to watch the market change without being part of the changes itself.

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