You Can Now Autopost Into Buzz From Posterous

You Can Now Autopost Into Buzz From Posterous

If you are a Posterous user, starting today you can add Google Buzz as an ‘autopost’ destination for your content. Posterous will, at your request, automatically send your new posts on your site into Buzz.

This new autosharing capability comes on the heels of two other Posterous initiatives, to rescue people from dying content platforms and the company’s recent content moderation capability. Posterous is quickly expanding itself to become the strongest nontraditional blogging platform in existence. Tumblr, watch out.

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This move by Posterous can be viewed as either a positive or negative for Buzz. On the plus side, Posterous found enough demand from Buzz users to build the feature. On the other hand, Buzz will now receive even more non-original content, boosting its reputation as the dust bin of the social services. Either way, Posterous users win.

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