Flickr Rolls Out Spanking New Photo Page Design

Flickr Rolls Out Spanking New Photo Page Design

Flickr is rolling out a brand new design for its photo page, details of the new release are below. If you want to opt-in or out here’s how.

Details Via The Flickr FAQ’s:

It’s Bigger!

  • The photo: Default size from 500 to 640 pixels.
  • Page width: Width of the photo page to take advantage of the new photo size, and you may see other pages getting the same treatment.
  • New! Light box: A Click on the photo or on the magnifying glass icon. Screen dis and you can scroll through photos in the light box using the buttons or arrow keys.

New Navigation

  • Navigation buttons: new navigation buttons at the top of every page. (Psst. Try the arrow keys, too.)
  • Film strip:  The film strip previews photos related to the currently viewed photo (e.g. photos in the same set, group, etc.)

Improved Page Layout

  • New! Actions menu:  To focus on the photo and unclutter the page, most actions have been moved into the actions menu.
  • Who, what, when & where:  To the right of the photo you can see who uploaded it, when & where it was taken, and with what camera, if that info is available.
  • Favoriting is now more visible:  Favorites are now alongside your comments to show off more of the activity that happens on each photo.

Controls and Settings

  • Privacy options: More specific information about privacy, permissions, and content filters are right on the page in ‘Owner settings’.
  • Licensing: Licenses set for each photo are more visible.

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