Bing updates its iPhone app; more social and search features.


Interestingly, Bing seems to be on an Apple-esque upgrade schedule.  It seems that the search provider lets other companies find out what works, then it comes behind them and rolls the interesting features into one application

This is true, once more, with the update of Bing for the iPhone.

According to a post over at Search Engine Land, here’s what we are seeing for included features:

  • Improved products with landing page, results, details and instant answer
  • Details with description, reviews and offers
  • Image/bar code recognition of products
  • Blended search including updates from your Twitter and Facebook networks when you do a search on the client
  • “What’s hot” domain with xRank/Twitter tag cloud/feeds
  • Business List and Map View integration

Bing has done a pretty blatant copy of existing applications, with the new ability of image and bar code recognition.  Those who have used Shop Savvy or Google Goggles will be very familiar with how the feature works.

The social features are great, though.  Bing has integrated Twitter and Facebook directly into its application, allowing you some more face time with the Bing app, while communicating around your social sphere.

Of course you still have Bing Maps, as well as local business listings on them.  This is an area where Bing has done well in the past, and continues to do so.

It’s worth a download, and the fact that it’s  free doesn’t hurt, either.

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