LivePitch Turns Your iPad Into A World Cup “Second Screen”

LivePitch Turns Your iPad Into A World Cup “Second Screen”

We recently discussed how the Internet and TV were beginning to merge in interesting ways and now here’s another example.

LivePitch is an iPad app aimed at football/soccer obsessives who want match and player stats while they watch the game. The app has been designed by London-based Mint Digital and allows users to watch the game on TV as normal, while having their iPad on their lap providing all sorts of other data that real fans often want.

LivePitch visualises how active each player on the pitch is, and how possession is divided between the teams in real-time, as the match unfolds. Fanscan compare individual players’ stats, as well as check out how teams are doing in groups and standings.

The app comes from the same stable as Picklive, the game designed to be played by fans as they watch a match. Picklive recently launched in an iPad-friendly format, showing how important the device could become as an accompaniment to TV viewing in general. LivePitch sources its data from the Picklive service.

LivePitch is in the iTunes App Store now [iTunes link]

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