YouTube gets a video editor. New Rickroll versions imminent.

YouTube gets a video editor.  New Rickroll versions imminent.

Google Operating System is giving us the heads up on a very welcome feature to YouTube.  Finally you’ll be able to edit videos using clips that you’ve already uploaded using YouTube’s new video editor.

This might sound familiar, as YouTube experimented in the past with a system called YouTube Remixer.  But the tech and browser expeience from 3 years ago just couldn’t handle the features so it was discontinued.

On the cool features list, YouTube is doing its best to keep you from getting sued.  The site has a library of music from AudioSwap, and you’re welcome to use it.  Be warned, though, that you might see some ads if you’re using the files.

So head over, check it out and let us know what you think.  Is it robust enough for good results, or will people still need desktop software to feel at home with it?

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