Endor.se: connecting people through social recommendations

Endor.se: connecting people through social recommendations

Endorsing your friends for their talents and skills has always been something a bit tricky to accomplish. Sure you can send out a tweet or add them on LinkedIn, but is that really letting your network know what they can do? Not quite but thanks to Endor.se, now everyone can endorse their friends and colleagues and tell their entire network (in this case Twitter) about it.

To make an account, just allow it as an app on Twitter and you’re off Endorsing. Currently they are in beta, but as long as you follow @endorseapp on Twitter after you sign up on their site, you’ll be approved in no time.

After getting your account approved, you have to set your availability, this lets possible people looking for your services know what your situation is (available, limited availability or unavailable). Second you add your own areas of expertise (max is 3) and some personal info like your website and a little blurb about yourself.  The final step is to just endorse!

Endor.se is a dead simple web app that helps people connect through each other’s recommendations. People can see who you’ve endorsed and who has endorsed you. They plan to add Facebook integration in the future, and from what I hear, they will be out of beta in a few weeks or a few days. So if you’re looking for a coder, writer, speaker or anything else, check out Endor.se and see who your network recommends!

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