Kayak Explore is travel planning like you’ve not seen before.

Kayak Explore is travel planning like you’ve not seen before.

If you haven’t used Kayak yet to book a trip, it’s likely that you will.  Kayak is an up-and-comer in the travel industry, and is making its mark pretty quickly.  The simplicity of the Kayak homepage is what’s really setting it apart.

It’s that same simplicity that, implemented in a really unique way, that puts the Kayak Explore feature into the forefront.

Kayak Explore is like asking your own travel agent where you can go with the money you want to spend.  Just tell it where you want to fly from, give it a range of money you’re willing to spend and Kayak Explore will go to work finding you the lowest fares around and suggesting places for you to go.

Google Maps powers the mapping function, so you’re probably already familiar with the controls.  Using your mouse you can click, drag and scroll your way to vacation search victory.

Your choices can be really simple, with just location, money and a time frame, but you can choose to get incredibly detailed as well.  In each of the 3 sections, you can choose specifics such as places you’d like to stay, activities that interest you and even a temperature range that you’d like to be in.

Suffice it to say, Kayak gets it.  I think I’ve just found my new travel site.

Cheers to Sam Sethi for the tip.

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