LinkedIn Launches Inbox Upgrades – Enters Year 2007


LinkedIn is determined to keep up with yesterday’s technology, and in that spirit is launching a major spruce up of their inbox and on-site email system.

Using LinkedIn mail will no longer be like crawling into a time machine and heading for the nineties, it is now only a short-term throwback. What is chief among the abilities that LinkedIn has now added in the new system? The ability to delete emails. If you are a LinkedIn user, this is actually exciting news.

Once the roll out hits you (if not now, it should happen quickly), your inbox will be integrated into your homepage, making the use of your LinkedIn mail simpler, and quicker. You can also now, wait for it, sort your mail by type and execute bulk actions across multiple messages. Have an email in your LinkedIn inbox that requires action? LinkedIn has expanded its flagging capability to include the new mini-inbox on your homepage. LinkedIn email is now useable, after much waiting.

Not to sound harsh, but LinkedIn is behind the curve in releasing these updates. Just to illuminate the point, log into LinkedIn and open your inbox. What is in there? Just to hazard a guess, you have an inbox full of the last 20 or so invitations to ‘connect’ that were sent your way. Few of us use LinkedIn mail for anything else. Will this update change that? It cannot hurt, but it is doubtful that so late an update can change its use case in the minds of its users.

LinkedIn prepared a video outlining the upgrades, take a look:

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