Friends “You Both Follow” Being Tested on Twitter

Friends “You Both Follow” Being Tested on Twitter

Twitter engineer Nik Kallen has just tweeted that a new feature called “You both follow” is being tested on twitter. The feature shows a list of users that both you and the person’s profile you are looking at are following (screenshot to the right).

The feature is currently only available to 10% of users but we hope it will be rolled out to the other 90% soon. It’s something that maybe should have been introduced some time ago although I must admit, despite it being a prominent feature on Facebook, it’s not something even I considered would be useful on twitter until now.

You should know there are a couple of tools that already let you do this. The best is unquestionably refollow (which offers a lot of other very cool functionality).

No word as to how soon the feature will become available via twitter’s api.

We’re testing the “You both follow” feature (in the profile sidebar). Only 10% of people have it for now.Thu Jun 03 00:52:06 via web

Via TechCrunch / Image Credit: Pirillo

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