Twitter now has 140 x 1,000 apps (or 140,000 if you don’t like things terms of 140)

Twitter now has 140 x 1,000 apps (or 140,000 if you don’t like things terms of 140)

At the Gluecon just now, Twitter’s Ryan Sarver announced that since their Chirp conference in mid April, the number of Twitter apps has increased from 100,000 to 140,000.

So since it’s been roughly 8 weeks since Chirp, that means that the Twitter app ecosystem is growing at about 5,000 apps per week. So much for the idea that developers might be getting turned off by Twitter’s acquisition of Tweetie and other moves.

Sarver made a few other interesting announcements, including that Twitter now has over 200 employees, and that “they don’t have any plans on making an app directory,” while specifically mentioning the third-party Twitter app store oneforty.

He also said that,”we hope that promoted tweets and other advertising models can help developers get paid too.” On search, he said, “discovery and search are big and complex enough that many companies can compete there, even if twitter works on it.” Regarding Twitter’s API, Sarver said, “”the APIs used to be very simple; now they are getting more complicated and we need to support them better.”

Regarding privacy, he said,”we were lucky; we stumbled onto ‘public be default'” and that Twitter has “a no resyndication” policy that supports privacy.


h/t Kevin Marks for his live tweeting at Gluecon.

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