Tales Of Things gives real-life objects a digital memory

Tales Of Things gives real-life objects a digital memory

Tales of Things is an intriguing project that allows any real-life object to be given a ‘digital memory’.

Created through a collaboration between a number of UK universities, Tales of Things lets you to attach a QR code to any physical object and then associate online video, audio or text with it that tells the ‘tale’ of that object.

It’s a simple idea but one that suddenly makes secondhand goods all the more exciting. Imagine selling an old keepsake that had an interesting story tied to it. The buyer would find the QR code and upon scanning it with their phone or via webcam on the website would be presented with your online story via the Tales of Things website.

Interestingly, a charity shop in Manchester, UK is this currently using the service to add a brand new dimension to the goods they sell as part of the FutureEverything festival in the city. It’s a smart move – attaching a digitally archived past to an item could actually increase its worth. I’d certainly be willing to pay more for something with an interesting story.

You can see some examples of items and their stories on the Tales of Things website. Items can even be traced around the world via the World of Things section.

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