That’s Edutainment! English Attack! announces open beta

That’s Edutainment! English Attack! announces open beta

English Attack! has been attracting rave reviews as the first entertainment-based method of learning English.

The team behind it has today announced, at The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, a move to Open Invitation Beta to let even more budding language-learners get a chance to give it a try.

English Attack! has only been online a matter of weeks, but already it has been well received at start-up events around Europe and is a finalist at The Next Web Paypal X Startup Rally.

The company, founded by Paul Maglione and Frederic Tibout, is based in Paris, France. Excited by the impact the web was having on the worlds of information and entertainment, the team was convinced that the world of education was the next to be conquered.

The Next Web 2010

Education could be set to benefit the most from the latest social and web 2.0 technologies, in terms of scale, global adoption and perceived need in the market.

What’s more, by focusing on those seeking to learn English as a second language, English Attack! is aiming at a market of over two billion learners.

The site brings together videos, games and cartoons within a vibrant online learning community and is integrated into the major social media platforms.

The site is today available in English and French and is soon to be localised into 20 languages which will make it the world’s most “global” site for learning English.

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