Watch out WolframAlpha, announcing Kngine Stats!

Watch out WolframAlpha, announcing Kngine Stats!

Kngine, The Knowledge Engine, is introducing a brand new feature called Kngine Stats.  It is now able to collect, organize, and index about 65 million record of statistical data from resources such as: the UN, the World bank, the CIA Factbook, and many others. For now it is a stand alone Application, but soon it will use this massive amount of information to empower Kngine.

Kngine Stats is a Statistical Platform, initially it will include 360 Statistics, sort of WolframAlpha style. Users will be able to select a topic, view the statistics and even filter it.

Kngine Stats will allow users to search through more than 1,000 statistics inside and outside of Kngine Stats. But Kngine Stats is called a Statistical Platform because it will allow users to add still more statistics, and also perform advanced operations (soon).

To see what Kngine Stats can do, I have placed a couple of screenshots on the next page.

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