Not Sure Which New Release To Watch? Let This App Tell You.

Not Sure Which New Release To Watch? Let This App Tell You.

glue logoGlue, our favorite semantic browser plugin, is releasing a very interesting upgrade to its platform today, personalized new release recommendations.

If you are a user of Glue, the company is going to take your index of liked items and apply them to a refreshing list of what is coming out now in the world of books, movies, and so forth. In other words Glue will now keep a running list of things that are just coming out that you will like. It filters for you.

Are you a movie fan, but don’t have the time to keep track of all the coming new films that you might want to see? Are you a passionate reader but don’t know the best way to keep an eye on new book releases? The new Glue will take care of that.

How does it work? Movies and books are released in cycles, books come out on Tuesday and movies late Wednesday, with some regularity. Glue keeps a weekly tab on what is coming out, and pins your history of likes and dislikes against that list, sorting them for you. When the next crop of books or movies comes out, Glue refreshes your recommendations.

Of course, this all assumes that you use Glue. Glue is, if you don’t know, a browser plugin that lets you like and comment on content and objects around the internet. Glue then contemplates over your data, and then comes up with surprisingly good recommendations as other content that you might like. The product has a game mechanic, but that aside Glue is a good way to find new things, now even more so.

AdaptiveBlue, the company behind Glue is also releasing a refreshed UI for the product, and a new ability to see how well an object might fit with you. Whenever you visit an object page on, say for Lord of The Rings, Glue will report if you have liked any similar items, and if your friends have as well. In other words, you can get a look on nearly anything as to if you will like it. Glue has been kind enough to put it all into a short film:

The correct view of these feature upgrades and improvements from Glue is that they are beginning to play hardball with their data in the best possible way. Both features released today are built off of data that Glue already had stored.

If you did not use Glue before, this probably won’t convince you to start. However, if you did you were just given more reason to keep doing so. If you do use Glue and need a friend, say hello and I will follow you back.

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