Google Launches Earth View In Google Maps – It Rocks

Google Launches Earth View In Google Maps – It Rocks

If you love the spinning, zooming fun that Google Earth has been providing for years, we have something for you. Today Google is releasing Earth view for Google Maps. Now you can have the fun of Google Earth without ever leaving your browser.

We just gave it a test run, and it is amazingly well put together. Google points out that this new Maps feature is only possible due to improvements in browser technology over the last few years. We have to note that as Google will be releasing Chrome OS this year, it is hardly surprising to see Google desktop apps migrate to the browser.

You must have the Google Earth browser plugin to use the new feature. In Chrome 5 the application ran so quickly and smoothly that it was hard to note the difference between it and normal Google Earth.

The above screenshot is what the new tool looks like in-browser. Google put together the below image to showcase wonderful that famous locations that are now very accessible in Maps, in this case the Matterhorn:

Go to Maps, install the plugin, and get to play flying around the Earth!

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