Shopping search engine Milo goes HyperLocal

Shopping search engine Milo goes HyperLocal

In the beginning was Amazon, and Amazon was everywhere – and no where. Since then, online shopping has become more and more localized.

Now shopping search engine Milo, the website that enables shoppers to “research products online and buy local,” has taken it a step further. Whereas you once could search online at national chains like BestBuy and then pick up your item at the local store, Milo now includes in their index the inventory of individual “Mom and Pop” stores in your zip code.

Watch out Google, because has an ambitious mission: to bring every product on every shelf of every store in the world onto its site. Already, Milo tracks the real-time availability of more than 2.8 million products. “No other company, not even Google, comes close to matching the depth and breadth of Milo’s product coverage,” according to Milo.

So why not try it out? The next time you’re shopping online, try Google and and let us know which one you prefer.

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