TuneUp brings cleaner MP3 tags to Windows Media Player [50 free accounts]

TuneUp brings cleaner MP3 tags to Windows Media Player [50 free accounts]

TuneUp is a plugin that has been making iTunes users’ lives a whole lot easier since 2008. Now it’s coming to Windows Media Player and the web. Read on to discover how you can get either version for free.

If you listen to a lot of MP3s, either ripped from CDs or, er, “acquired” from elsewhere, you’ll know how frustrating it can be when songs are badly tagged, or nor tagged at all. TuneUp aims to put an end to songs being labelled things like “Artist 1 – Song 1” by automatically scanning the files and slotting in the correct artists and song titles, plus cover art too.

Today TuneUp is launching a Windows Media Player version of its service as well as Tuniver.se, a web-based version of the the service that allows you to look up all the data in TuneUp’s database so you can do quick manual fixes yourself.

The website also plays a part in new social features for both the iTunes and Windows Media Player versions of TuneUp. Users can share their top 5 artists, albums and songs to Facebook, or tweet out the name of any song via the plugin, generating a link that sends friends to Tu.niver.se to read more.

TuneUp isn’t the only music auto-tagging service out there. MusicBrainz PicardTagger offers a similar service based on a crowdsourced track information database (compared to TuneUp’s use of Sony’s commercial Gracenote database). Both services have gaps in their libraries but most users will probably prefer TuneUp’s shinier, more user-friendly interface.

One point to note is that you will have to be patient. If you have a large library to clean up, it can take some time. Still, the satisfaction of having a tidy music collection makes it worth the wait.

50 free Gold accounts for our readers

TuneUp offers a free Lite service that allows 100 song clean-ups and 50 cover art saves. For the full, unlimited service you’ll need TuneUp Gold which costs $29.95 but the first 50 The Next Web readers to email [email protected] will get a code for a free upgrade to the Gold service.


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