Seesmic for Android gets an update. New features abound.

Seesmic for Android gets an update.  New features abound.

I struggle with Twitter clients on my Droid, but far and away, Seesmic has been my favorite.  The interface is smooth, and I really like the way that Seesmic integrates multiple accounts.

IntoMoble has caught wind of the new Seesmic for Android update, and gives us some details about new features:

Home Screen Widget

The mobile client now has its own home screen widget, displaying a clip of  a recent tweet.  You can scroll up and down through more tweets and even reply right from the home screen.

New Retweet Features

Previously, Seesmic for Android did retweets the old fashioned way, where you could edit before sending.  Though you can still choose this option, the default method is the new Retweet standard, where the RT’d content is not able to be edited before sending.

GPS Tagging

Your tweets can now be geo-tagged, allowing people to view your location when you’re out and about.  It’s not a new feature to most clients, but it is new to the Android version of Seesmic, and therefore worth a mention.

There’s a lot of competition in the mobile client market, and maybe even more soon.  But at the moment, Seesmic is offering the best features and probably the slickest UI of any Android-based Twitter client.  It’s absolutely worth a download, and let us know what you think.

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