Everyone’s favorite Running App Makes Its Way To Android

Everyone’s favorite Running App Makes Its Way To Android

As development for Android devices grows, we’re seeing some old favorites finally coming onto our new devices.  One of the most recent is RunKeeper.

For those not in the know, RunKeeper is a program that does exactly what it says – it keeps data about your running.  It uses the Android GPS to gather information about duration, distance, pace, speed, elevation, calories burned, and path traveled on a map.

RunKeeper will let you track your data over time, share it with friends, track activities and give it all to you in a clean user dashboard.

We first wrote about RunKeeper back in March, at the release of its newest feature, RunKeeper Live.  The Live feature will let you track a user’s running data in real time, if you have been given access to it.

More info, and a video after the jump.

There are free and pro versions of RunKeeper, with the pro version giving a load of added functionality. Audio Cues, Pre-programmed Workouts and even Geotagged photo uploads are part of the many additions in the pro version.

So head over, snag the free version and find out how awesome it is, then upgrade.  We look forward to seeing your shared RunKeeper info.

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