I get high with a little help from my – search engine

I get high with a little help from my – search engine

I don’t know about Europe or the rest of the world, but here in the US of A there are 14 states where marijuana for medical use is legal. But how can you find a marijuana clinic without a good medical search engine like MarijuanaDoctors.com?

According to the site, “hundreds of thousands of patients across the nation benefit from the use of medical marijuana, which is an affordable and effective alternative to many traditional prescription medicines. It is proven to treat the symptoms and side effects of countless medical marijuana conditions.”

Their ad campaign, which I’m betting will go viral, is on the next page.

Here’s the obligatory CEO quote:

“MarijuanaDoctors.com gives patients peace of mind by putting medical marijuana back into the hands and trust of real, professional medical doctors – all while adding a new revenue stream into the ever-diminishing medical industry,” says Jason Draizin, CEO of MarijuanaDoctors.com.

And their boilerplate:

MarijuanaDoctors.com was founded to act as the trusted gateway for patients searching for medical marijuana treatment in legal medical marijuana states and provide patients visibility and transparency in selecting a doctor and setting an appointment for a medical marijuana evaluation, including detailed profile information, scheduling information, and ratings and reviews.

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