Google Buzz Coming To TweetDeck

Google Buzz Coming To TweetDeck

We just announced the launch of Google Buzz’s new sharing and follow buttons. A number of sites and services (including us) have integrated the new Buzz button, but one service in particular stood out from the list, the incredibly popular TweetDeck.

Iain Dodsworth, Founder of the app tweeted directly after the announcement:

“Google Buzz posting coming to the next version of TweetDeck”

We can assume this is merely the ability to post to Buzz via TweetDeck but how nice it will be one day to be able to access Facebook, Twitter and Buzz via one app and TweetDeck’s unique dashboard style UI.As I’ve mentioned before, this is where TweetDeck (who I still think should change its name to SocialDeck or something of the sort considering its multiplatform app) and competitor Seesmic have been clever.

By not focusing one on social network and rather creating a way to bring the social experience into one neat app (or many if you could their mobile and web interfaces), they’ve managed to stay clear of the sad position many Twitter client developers have found themselves in after Tweetie’s acquisition by Twitter.

Buzz, coming to a TweetDeck near you.

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