Turns Your Twitter Stream Into A Daily Newspaper Turns Your Twitter Stream Into A Daily Newspaper

Don’t have time to read your Twitter stream every day, but enjoy reading your morning newspaper? Well here’s a great functional solution for you. has an original web app that turns your Twitter stream into a daily online newspaper. Your Twitter newspaper is updated every day just like the morning post. offers tags to help you find other newspapers by topic and explore the Twitterverse in a whole new way.  You can share your new Twitter newspaper via the retweet button at the top of your page, and let all your followers read about what you are interested in.

Similar to the popular feedly plugin, creates a magazine like page, but instead of  feedly where the content is pulled from sites that you add; in this case all content is populated from your Twitter stream. This offers you an even more customized and controllable news feed.

Even though is a very simple tool, it’s very efficient for folks who can’t read their Twitter stream all the time or if you just want a daily summary of your Twitter stream. The design isn’t too shabby or cheap, and overall, the articles you’ll find on your paper tend to be the most interesting of that day – presumably calculated by the number of retweets. You can even be notified by email when the next edition of your newspaper or someone else’s newspaper is available.

For an example, check out my paper or just go right ahead and create your own.

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