Posterous fixes its biggest flaw with new web-based editor

Posterous fixes its biggest flaw with new web-based editor

Easy blogging and content-posting service Posterous has done something users have been requesting for a long time – made its web-based blogging tool useful.

Posterous has always been great to use via email, but the tools on its website were always rather undewhelming. Options were limited and it was difficult to edit posts that had already been uploaded.  Often you had to delete a post that was slightly wrong, simply because there was no way to edit it.

No more is that so – Post Editor 2.0, active on all Posterous accounts from today, is a lot more flexible. Here’s what you can now do on the web with Posterous:

  • Upload any mix of images, audio, videos or documents to use in a post all in one go.
  • Rotate and re-order images in a gallery using a drag and drop interface. This means that you can finally edit galleries you’ve previously uploaded. Until now you had to delete a post and reupload photos if there was a problem with a gallery.
  • Once media is uploaded, it’s easy to move it around within the post simply by dragging and dropping.

It’s great to see that Posterous has finally brought its ‘easy blogging’ ethos to editing posts. Even better, tt’s been achieved without tainting the company’s ‘keep it simple’ ethos. You can try the new web editor by selecting “Post by web” when you’re logged in on the site.

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