Chirp Frame – a “Window on Twitter” for your iPad

Chirp Frame – a “Window on Twitter” for your iPad

Chirp FrameThe iPad makes a great digital photo frame and now it can be a ‘Twitter frame’ too.

Chirp Frame is a beautifully simple app from a four-man team in Romania that allows you to enter your Twitter account details and then sit back and watch as one tweet at a time is displayed onscreen.

As the developers themselves note, this is perfect for keeping an eye on Twitter while you’re watching TV. The app comes with three different themes; a plain white-on-black look, a ‘natural’ look with tweets displayed in the sky above rolling hills and a ‘Western’ theme, with tweets displayed on ‘parchment’.

While mainly designed for watching Twitter, rather than getting involved, you can tweet from Chirp Frame too. The app works in landscape and portrait modes.

As we noted with the iPad version of Tweetdeck, the iPad lends itself more to observing the Twitterverse than to active tweeting – especially if you’re using the on-screen keyboard if tweets like this are to be believed. Expect to see many more Twitter browsing apps appear in the coming months.

Chirp Frame is available now for an introductory price of $0.99 / £0.59. [iTunes link]

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