Wozzon Brings Beautiful Simplicity To Events Search

Wozzon Brings Beautiful Simplicity To Events Search

Wozzon is a new service aiming to corner the UK events search market.

After winning Nokia’s Calling All Innovators contest last year, the service has expanded to allow users to search via a website, iPhone app and Android app. It really is a refreshingly simple and elegant way to find events.

Let’s cast aside the negatives first. Wozzon is an awful name that cheapens the product. Then there’s the current website – the design is a little ropey and unsophisticated but a fresh new look is promised soon.

Forget those problems and concentrate on Wozzon’s mobile apps and you’re looking at one of the best ways to find UK events that I’ve seen. Wozzon concentrates on simplicity. It aims to do one thing really well and succeeds. If you’re at a loose end and want to find something to do, it excels.

It works out your location when you launch it and you simply select the type of event you want – live music, comedy, film, museums etc. You then get a list of nearby events that fit the bill. You can view events and venues on a map and get contact details in case you need to find out more about something you’re interested in.

With film listings the app does particularly well. If you want to catch a movie but aren’t sure which one to go for, you can view the trailer directly for within the app.

That’s it. No augmented reality view, no fancy graphics. The fact is, if you’re looking for something to do you just want relevant information, fast. Wozzon fits the bill.

One criticism I have is that some of the events data isn’t quite as complete as it could be. The number of events in my local area seemed a bit smaller than it should have been.

That said, the database, which is pulled from Wozzon’s sister company Global Datapoint has at least been checked over by human editors to ensure it is of high quality. Better to have a high-quality curated list with fewer entries than a lazily thrown together one.

With the long Easter weekend ahead in the UK, Wozzon could be just the app to help fill your extra days off.

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