Enstore is Quite Simply The Most Beautiful “Create Your Own Online Store” Experience Yet

Enstore is Quite Simply The Most Beautiful “Create Your Own Online Store” Experience Yet

There are a good few e-commerce platform’s out there, some good, some not much, but few will come anywhere near as slick as Enstore’s out of the box.

Developed by Sofa, an Amsterdam outfit famous for their design work, Enstore aims to bring some of its attention to the details to the e-commerce world.

Enstore lets you build an online store with shopping cart within minutes. It features an online admin that lets you manage shipping methods and set up payment processors like paypal, authorize.net and more. There’s Google Analytics integration to help you track who’s visiting your site, and to manage your products you’ve got the choice of Checkout (from Sofa too, for the Mac) or Account Edge (Mac/Win), two equally elegant desktop apps.

So far so good, but all in all, rather standard. Where Enstore stands out is in its design and interface. If you’re one to appreciate quality design, the entire platform that should have you mesmerized. Every tiny detail appears to have been paid undying attention to, from the admin interface, the desktop apps to the stunning templates offered. I don’t say this often but this app is so easy on the eye it might have you looking in the garage digging up things to sell.

There is one significant limitation, you are forced to use one of two desktop apps to manage your inventory, processes’, to fulfill orders and track your customers. Ensure says there is an alternative on the way, we’re hoping this is a web app that slots in neatly with the current online admin.

Also, for the record, there are plenty of alternatives worth checking out. From Magento for your larger e-store, Shopify for a very impressive all round package and BigCartel for your small online boutique.

Enstore is currently in beta and until it exits, it’s completely free to use. Expected pricing is in the range $39-$100/month with a 1%-2% transaction fee.

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