Invites: Check Out The Newest Freelancing Hub

Invites: Check Out The Newest Freelancing Hub just came out of the closet and into private beta, which means that you need to get in. We’ve got a lot of you covered.

Head over to the sign up page and use the code “TNW” to get started right away. It’s not an unlimited code, so it’s first come, first serve.

What is A website for freelancers and people looking to hire freelancers to meet and do business on the level. It’s about as stripped down as you can think of, making the site dead simple to use and get started with. We like minimalism.

If you are a developer, copywriter, designer, or other type of freelancer it might just be the next best thing. The company’s founder Andrew Hyde, who is part of TechStars (the startup incubator), has long been grinding an axe against websites like 99 Designs that he feels exploit the average freelancer just looking to pick up a buck on the side.

Putting his time and money where his mouth is, he put together to solve the problems that he finds in the industry. This is reflected in the company’s mission, which is to “celebrate freelance.”

Like with anything, the site is new so activity is light for the time being. If our hunch is right, that should be changing quickly. What are you waiting for? Go get in!

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