CloudContacts Will Now Scan Your Business Cards and Then Find Your Contacts on Social Networks

CloudContacts Will Now Scan Your Business Cards and Then Find Your Contacts on Social Networks

Exchanging business cards is one area of day-to-day business that has yet to see any real transformation.

Sure there are various tools that will let you exchange v-cards in real time by bumping, tapping or throwing your phones at each other, but lets face it, it’s only the mightiest of geeks that tend to bother.

I believe it’s going to take a company like Apple or RIM to reinvent the business card by taking the lead and integrating an exchange mechanism into its Phones. Until then however, we have a savior, it called CloudContacts and today it releases a feature I think you’re going to love.

First, a little about how CloudContacts works. CloudContacts solves problems by scanning your business cards in bulk and exporting the contacts to your email or favorite CRM application.

Today, CloudContacts, lead by its founder (and CenterNetworks Editor) Allen Stern introduces new “social connector” feature.

Each business card CloudContacts processes will attempt to match that person to their profile on either Twitter, MySpace, Flickr or Friendfeed with more services on the way. If a match is found, details are updated on that person’s record.If you’re already using CloudContacts, you ca run old cards through the social connector as well.

Lets not even pretend this isn’t a life saver. Try this out now.

CloudContacts lets you get your cards scanned in two ways, either mail the lot in, or take a photo of them. The service costs around $30 for 100 cards, with discounts for volume if you mail them in. If you opt to email in images, then you pay either $5 or $9 dollars monthly for 20 or 40 cards scanned.

You can use the discount code socialcrm to save 10% on your order with the discount valid through till April 1.

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