Social OS Now A Killer Facebook, Twitter, Chat, And YouTube App

Social OS Now A Killer Facebook, Twitter, Chat, And YouTube App is a product on the up and up, building in a fistful of upgrades in the two months. The last time we talked about, they had just left beta with a bare-bones build of their social platform.

Fleshless no more, is gunning for the top slot on your social app usage chart. In what ways? In nearly every way it turns out. has created excellent Twitter and Facebook applications, a must for any modern social startup, but has also taken the time to build a village of other capabilities around those two core functions. also has a YouTube app built into its refreshed interface that brings slick video search and viewing into the product. But the best part of is its new post box. What you may ask, could be so much fun in a box for posting? now supports private, public, targeted, and broadcast publishing. You are now in full, complete control over where you updates go and who gets them.

It is quite powerful to be able to target say, just Twitter and one friend on for an update. If you make a post public, and target it, it will not hit everyone’s home feed, but it will be viewable on your page of course. has also upgraded the administrative capabilities of channel admins, allowing them to “ability to make others Admins and to kick people.” If you had been running a channel before on, this is going to be a godsend.

Finally, the company has improved their “forward” function, the version of a retweet. It has been extended to all data inside of, meaning that you can natively retweet Youtube videos and anything else internally, and out to your authorized other services if you want. finally now lives up to what we expected it to become back when we first looked into it. The product is built out, runs quickly, and covers all the bases that we expect it to. Is it a heavy-weight Twitter web application, like Seesmic? No. It’s a lightweight version of your favorite social tools rolled into one Ajax heavy platform. If you like Friendfeed, or Cliqset, you should check it out. This is what it looks like in full zoot:

According to Compete the company is just finding its real audience, and given the fast pace that the company is building itself out, the next few months should be very exciting for the company. Word on the street is that Scoble is getting into the app, meaning that the rest of the technorati might be just around the corner.

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