Metasearch Engine Grows Itself Into A Full Search Experience

Metasearch Engine Grows Itself Into A Full Search Experience

When we first covered (pronounced “krobe it”), we liked its fresh design and excellent combination of Bing and Google results. What it lacked, however, was features.

The team has knuckled down over the past weeks and has upgraded into my favorite search experience., being a metasearch engine, fuses results from other search engines to bring a more complete view of what is the best result sheet for any search term. Bing and Google, being far and away the two best search engines today, are combined by, with special adjustments, for a fair and balanced (wink) look at the internet and its vast information.

What has changed since we last checked in? Localized search, based on the manual input of your location has been added to bring better weather and other location-based results. It also has a new well layed out news search function, that looks suspiciously like it was designed to work well on iPads, take a look: has also upgraded their image and video search capabilities, and built them into their normal search return page. My only complaint with this is the aesthetics. The results (pulled from Bing) are fine, but the presentation is more than a touch homemade. That makes for better pies and ugly websites:

Sure, is not going to explode in market share any time soon, but if you are looking for the best meatsearch engine around, Qrobe is well, it.

After spending an afternoon using as my main search engine, I have to say that it felt at least as good as Google, and perhaps a touch better. Of course, one afternoon is hardly a real test, but it says something about the quality of the product.

We look forward to what the team does next in the search market, a place where no matter what, competition only spurs innovation.

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