Earth Hour Plugin Helps You Celebrate Conservation Online


With National Unplugging day having just passed, another “green” day is right around the corner. Earth Hour starting tomorrow (March 27th) is a period of one hour where most of the world will once again be shutting down their precious electronics for one hour.

But what of the things you can’t exactly shut down? Websites everywhere will still be up and functioning, servers won’t shut down and neither will their maintainers.

One WordPress plugin aims to fix a part of that problem. The Earth Hour Plugin from BraveNewCode “switches off the lights” on your website. Replacing your WordPress website with a page supporting Earth Hour 2010 for one hour during Earth Hour.

After Earth Hour concludes your website returns to it’s former state and you’ll have to wait till next year to celebrate the whole thing again!

Go check out The Earth Hour Plugin and show your support!

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