twitRand: An app that lets you pick “twitter contest” winners completely at random

twitRand: An app that lets you pick “twitter contest” winners completely at random

Earlier today when going over my usual Twitter routine, I found that many people were being hassled about how their Twitter contests are biased and unfair to those who competed.

This is because in most cases, people just pick some person at random as the winner. Even though this is still a very possible way to pick a winner, many people will still have a sore loser mentality.  But fortunately, there is now actually a solution.

twitRand is a Twitter tool that randomly selects one person out of however many people are entered in your contest whether it be by a hashtag, phrase or just your entire following. All the contest host must do is enter in the phrase or what have you into the twitRand search box and the work is done for you.

If there are still disbelievers out there who still just can’t get over the fact that there was not any foul play in picking a winner, twitRand gives you a link that shows proof that your being completely truthful, it even gives you the exact time, date and amount of contestants.

So if there’s any doubt in a contest winner again check out twitRand or do it the old fashioned way, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe, but depending on how many contestants there are it may take a while!

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