Ex-MySpace Execs New Social Network “Gravity” Launches To The Public.

Ex-MySpace Execs New Social Network “Gravity” Launches To The Public.

Three MySpace execs left the company in 2009 to launch their own startup, a new social network now called Gravity. Today it is available to the public.

While on face value, Gravity might appear to be just another social network, according to an interview with TechCrunch in December, the company is attempting to offer considerably more by providing not just a destination site, but a conversation tracking and analytics service, portable widgets (to take the discussion elsewhere) and a powerful API.Above all else, Gravity says it is is attempting to build the Internet’s “interest graph” and find ways to introduce you to people based on your things you’re interested in.

So how does the site currently work, lord knows nothing on the homepage gives any clues away.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll notice everything on Gravity.com is a play on the ‘gravity’ theme. Instead of following people, you ‘orbit’ them. Instead of groups, there are ‘worlds’. Oh and there are badges too, no play on gravity there.

To get involved, you start a conversation, similar to a post on Friendfeed, Buzz or Facebook where you can include links, pictures, videos or just a thought or question.

At the moment, aside from starting conversations, there isn’t too much to get excited about. The tools that suggest Gravity could be something more than a standard social network are currently nowhere to be found. The widgets aspect to this site is what really excited me, the potential to have meaningful discussion away from the site would be very useful. Facebook are trying to make that happen with their own widgets, not too successfully, and sites like LiveFyre also appear to be doing the same but are still in their early stages …as is Gravity.

Stay tuned to this one though. With $10m in funding, lessons from MySpace and a strong management team, these guys have a lot to prove. Expect significant further developments.

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