Netflix For Wii Coming – Get Ready Now

Netflix For Wii Coming – Get Ready Now

Do you want to have wonderful hot Netflix action for your Wii as fast as possible? Then you need to hurry up and get in line, it’s coming.

Netflix is on the  move to be on every single platform possible (including Windows 7 Series Phones), so bringing streaming  to the Wii is just another big step in a long journey.

What do you need to do? Simply head to this page and enter in your email address. You need to procure an instant streaming disc for Wii,” to get your device all ready for instant movie action. They will ship it to you, but you have to ask for it.

Cost? Zilch. Assuming your Netflix plan already covers streaming, you should be all set to stream to your Wii (and therefore your television). Launch of this is imminent  and you want to be first in line.

Points to Netflix for following the Seesmic model and going to every corner of the market to reach as many people as possible. Where do you want to see Netflix go next?

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