Twitter May Soon Auto Translate Your Tweets

Twitter May Soon Auto Translate Your Tweets

It looks as if Auto Translate could be coming to Twitter, if these screenshots are anything to go by. These shots, seen in the wild by App Scout look to offer translation within the tweet.

The results page (from one of Wednesday’s trending topics, “Bloodbuzz Ohio”) allows a user to filter a tweet by language, from Arabic to Icelandic to Thai. But just above that appeared a clickable option to translate the tweets on the page to my preferred language, English.

Tweet translation has been a published desire from Biz for almost 6 months but to date has only been achieved with Greasmonkey scripts, not on the twitter client itself.

Another observation is the short link also shows an option to preview the full link before clicking which will be another important step in twitter security and their attempt to reduce spam.

We know that new updates often get released in parts around the globe, have you seen them yet?

Source: App Scout

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