Google Voice Android Notifications Just Got A Whole Lot Faster

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Users taking advantage of Google Voice on their Android powered handset should now be able to receive new message notifications in near real time thanks to a new feature called Inbox Synchronization.

Android users used to receive new Google Voice message notifications within 15 minutes after they were sent. With Inbox Synchronization, messages and voicemails are instantly pushed to a users handset after a new message is received inside the users Google Voice inbox.

The Google Voice user interface has also received a minor facelift, making it easier to interact with Google Voice contacts within the app. Now, users can select any of their contacts, click on the photo and get the option to respond to their friends voicemail, email or instant message.

To take advantage of this new feature, users must download the newest release of Google Voice from the Android Market, then delve into the settings to enable Synchronize Inbox option within the Refresh and Notification settings. By doing this, the user will not only receive faster notifications but the software will intelligently disable SMS notifications ensuring the user doesn’t receive duplicate notifications.

[Source – Google Voice Blog]

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