Seesmic To Get An App, Sorry Plugin, Store?

Seesmic To Get An App, Sorry Plugin, Store?

Hot news coming from Seesmic. We should expect to see a new version coming to replace Seesmic for Windows in the next few weeks.

Based entirely on Silverlight, the new app will have full plugin capability which can extend the use of Seesmic to whatever developers can dream up. Current examples include bing maps integration which has also been demonstrated on the phone app demonstrated at Mix10.

The Silverlight based app will also extend directly to the Windows Phone 7 app, which will be available at the time of phone launch, currently scheduled for Thanksgiving time.

The use of plugins, and the opening of code at is a very smart move from Seesmic. Not only will the new app work seamlessly across mobile and desktop platforms, the inclusion of plug-ins could lead to rapid development and huge personalization of the Social Media experience. With great uptake of the developer program already, we could well be seeing a plugin store very soon.

Seesmic CEO Loic’s reaction “Yeah, it could be.”

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